Telescopic fence gates

Beautiful, functional, modern and unique – telescopic sliding fence gate. You no longer have to worry about too little space to open the gate. A 4-metre wide telescopic sliding door, for example, only needs 3.5 metres of free space to open!

Telescopic fence gates

As one of the few companies on the market, Migas-Door has developed and now manufactures and assembles self-supporting telescopic sliding gates which have been an absolute hit on the market for several years. This innovative system works well at properties with limited sliding space along the fence.

Many years’ experience in the construction sector has repeatedly proven the functionality of sliding gates but in modern houses there is often no room for full opening. A beautiful, modern and unique telescopic fence gate can cope with limited conditions in a functional way. For example, a 4-metre wide telescopic sliding gate only needs 3.5 metres of free space for its full opening!

Telescopic gates as well as the rest of the fence are made to order. Horizontal profiles with dimensions of 100×20 mm are very often chosen as a decoration for innovative construction projects (the ‘Modern Formula’ pattern) where they harmonise, in terms of appearance and colours, with the whole building. For customers who appreciate classic designs, we offer narrower and lighter vertical profiles, 20×20 mm, (the ‘Classic 2’ pattern). However, we are open to the customer’s ideas and we can consider each fence pattern, provide a quotation and then manufacture it.

Self-supporting telescopic gates are characterised by ease of use and quiet operation (no guide rails at the entry). The gates can be opened both manually and automatically.


Depending on the needs, the fence spans can be made in any RAL colour.


Telescopic gates can be supplied with the electric operating system in the standard version or in different variants with the electronic control system.



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