Fence gates

Migas-Door company manufactures sliding entrance gates, fence double-leaf gates and wickets, in a variety of designs and colors. The production is supplemented by fencing poles and spans with their appearance matched with the selected fence models. The offer also includes two or three-leaf telescopic sliding gates enabling assembly of large-size gates. This type of solution is perfect for the lack of space to mount a classic self-supporting gate. In turn, the fence panels and mesh fencing of various heights and thicknesses are an inexpensive and classical solution for the fencing of large areas.

For customers who value simplicity and natural look of the gate we offer steel structure prepared for a wooden filling (railing).

We also offer various types of fencing systems, industrial fencing, and for those who like to surround themselves with beautiful things we can propose wrought iron fences. A common feature of all the fences is their functionality, durability, reliability and performance aesthetics. They can be protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing or finished by spray or powder coating, giving the possibility to obtain any color from RAL. Our company also performs custom fences, according to the individual agreements and technical documentation of the customer. Offered fencing systems can be equipped with electric drives, actuators and remote control systems.

We manufacture gates and fences applicable in private property, housing estates, sports and recreational areas or industrial facilities. Our offer is of complex nature â since it covers the delivery of the chosen fence model and its professional installation.

Sliding gates

Telescopic gates

Double-leaf gates

Folding gates

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