Migas-Door sectional doors are the most practical, safe and luxurious solution for the garage. The door is made of 40 mm thick double-skinned sections filled with polyurethane foam filling. The sections are made of galvanised steel sheets coated with polyester paint or wood effect veneer. Sectional doors perfectly fulfil their thermal insulation functions in heated rooms by ensuring one of the highest thermal transmittance coefficients for a panel with U-value equal to 0.6 W/m²K.


Each sectional door is equipped with a system of torsion springs and ball bearings which are fitted as standard with an emergency brake to prevent the door from falling down should any of the springs break.

The different types of guide rails used for sectional doors are tailored to your needs. The torsion springs are mounted above the door or behind the guide rails, which allows the operator to mount the door with very low headroom.

Specially profiled panels (on the inside and outside) prevent fingers from being trapped between the sections or at hinge and wicket door mounting points (‘finger protection’).

All MIGAS-DOOR doors are made according to individually specified dimensions so we can guarantee that we will find the right solution for each customer.


Depending on the needs, the fence spans can be made in any RAL colour.

Wicket doors with or without threshold

Each MIGAS-DOOR sectional door can be equipped with a wicket door fitted with a self-closing device. The advantage of this solution is that you do not have to open the whole garage door when you want to enter or leave the area protected by the sectional door. This way you also avoid heat loss inside and make foot traffic simpler

Wide choice of windows or lighting panels

By choosing a sectional door equipped with additional components, such as windows or glazed sections you can significantly increase the amount of daylight in your garage and make it more functional. The door can also be equipped with aluminium grille sections or ventilation grilles to allow air access, e.g. to underground garages.


Each sectional door can be equipped with a high quality electric drive with a standard unlocking device to enable emergency opening in the event of a power failure. The drives offered are individually selected to match the technical parameters of the particular door so they operate without any risk. If an obstacle is encountered while the door is opening or closing, the movement of the door is automatically stopped by a factory-fitted overload switch. The wide range of accessories offered by MIGAS-DOOR includes photocells, button switches, key switches, coded keypads, access control cards and a special radio receiver that allows you to connect the automatic device to the alarm system using one 4-channel remote control.


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